Next gen gaming been out since when? Like 5 years right?  You think that in 5 years Madden would bring back a game like NFL street back into our lives. Remember back in the day how popular the NFL Street series was for us? It was so dooooooooope, yes I spelled dope like that, but anyway, the NFL Street games were very fun to play. It gave us a break from the real football simulation games and just have fun doing illegal tackles and jumping off freaking walls.

Why does EA not think about bringing a game like that back to the market? It’s definitely room for it since Madden is the only football video game on the market right now, it would make so much sense to bring it back even if they don’t want to make it a series. It was just so fun when you had to create your player, give him a nickname, gear him up with street clothes, football gloves, jewelry, and etc. Then playing football in parking lots, backyards, and other rugged environments just give you a different feel than playing at a stadium all the time. Also the different game modes like money in the bank, they play elimination game, and going to a set score was just so awesome. EA needs to drop a game like this ASAP, give us a break from Madden…….. PLEASE.