I mean like really, who else deserves to be on NBA 2k18 more than Russell Westbrook. The man is having one of the greatest regular seasons ever, averaging a triple double, and on the verge of completing the most triple doubles ever in a season. No doubt he is going to win the MVP of this season. Why wouldn’t he, you name a 6’3 point guard who can get you 31 points, 10 rebounds, and 10 assist a game……. I’ll wait. If he doesn’t win the MVP award then I’m suing the NBA, lol I’m kidding, but it just make sense for him to be on the cover of NBA 2k18. He is one of the top 5 players in the league, he is a very popular and marketable NBA player so 2k shouldn’t have a hard time figuring out the next cover athlete for this year’s 2k basketball game.



Messed Around and got a Double Double


Snapshot 1 (3-30-2017 7-44 PM)

Is it rare to get a double double in my park ? Yeah, I think so. I don’t think ever in my MyPark career I seen some, especially a big man get a double double. If you haven’t witness it then look no further for I have accomplished probably what few 2k players have accomplished on MyPark. Oh and I’m a 6’9 glass cleaner by the way. If you want to see the full video of how I got my double double, here is the link https://youtu.be/Hgoj6nMC75M .




Yeah, yeah, yeah I know I did a blog on saying 2k should kill myPark  and I still stand behind it, but I know deep down that myPark will be on NBA 2k18. So with that being said, if myPark is coming back, unfortunately, there are 3 things I want to see if y’all going to be seeing me on myPark.


Yes I know some people love playing with mascots on myPark, but me personally, I hate it. I feel like it’s too cheesy and just feel like they have an advantage because they are big and have big heads. I think playing with mascots should be a separate mode within the game. MyPark that street element to NBA 2k, and last time i checked street ball didnt have mascots crossing people like Iverson and grabbing rebounds like Charles Barkley.


I know a lot of 2k heads want this for NBA 2k18. We want a player we can create outside of myCareer that we can use strictly for myPark/ProAm. I’m tired of having to go to myCareer just to load into myPark or ProAm. I also hate that I have to play myCareer to level up enough just to take him to myPark(yes I know you can just buy VC). They should make it where you can also earn badges by playing myPark or ProAm games and not just earning badges through myCareer.


Why does myPark be so cheap on how we earn VC ? If you have a good game and a A+ teammate grade you still earning like 300 VC, and thats not cool. They should have it like if you have a B-, B, B+ teammate grade you should earn 500 VC automatically, and if you earn an A-, A, A+ teammate grade you should earn 1000 VC. Each time you score, rebound, assist, steal, and block, that should be 100 VC per stat. Also if you win that should be 1000 VC and if you go on a win streak, all VC earned should be doubled.

All in all, let these features be on the next myPark for 2k18, if not, expect another blog about why they should do away with myPark. Cheers.


Esports League: The Future of 2k ???


Most of y’all know that NBA 2k will debut an esports league that is going to be operated by the NBA for NBA 2k18. The esports league will consist of participating NBA teams having 5 players (us gamers) that they will draft and play for that NBA team. It’s been said that the league will run just like a NBA season and also have playoffs and a NBA Finals as well. All of this sounds real dope for the 2k franchise and im very excited about this new feature.

Now, I have some speculations about how 2k and the NBA will go about operating this league. My main concern is what will be the qualifications to even get yourself in the draft pool ? Do you have to be in the top rankings of MyPark to be considered in the draft ? Will they look at your ProAm record and stats to be eligible for the draft ? We will know in due time I guess. This leads to my next question, will you be playing with the NBA player of that team ? Or will you be playing with your own player ? I’m praying we get to play with our own player. I mean who really wants to play with anyone on the Brooklyn Nets team for a whole season. Now as far as the league goes, will the selected players be playing 82 games like a real NBA season? Will it be where you have to go to a specific location or like a game studio to play your scheduled games, or will you be playing from home ? There is a lot of answers we are seeking about this esports league that we shall know in due time.

With this new feature coming into 2k, will this be a feature for now and the upcoming years for 2k ? I really hope so. It’s been said that the players that will be in the league will be getting paid to play those games. I know we all want to know will it be by salary or hourly and how much lol ? If this league feature is in it for the long run, how do y’all think this  will effect the future of not just 2k, but even the how we go about playing 2k. Will you be the casual 2k gamer that will play the game just to enjoy the existing features and modes of the game ? Will you be more of a competitive 2k gamer that will go into every future 2k game trying to be one of the players that gets to participate in the esports league? We will see.


imageYes I know kill is a strong word, but that should let you know how deep my frustration is with MyPark. From the messy inconsistent servers, to the annoying players playing with mascots, to the epic fail of MyPark after dark, and to the cheesy players you MyPark cards, MyPark is a mode I feel that 2k should do away with.

Personally, I feel that they should enhance their Pro Am mode. They should keep the scrimmage aspect and how you can create a Pro Am team and play against other Pro Am teams, but give another side to Pro Am. They should do like a Pro Am circuit or like a Pro Am street mode where you can take your player and can play 1v1, 2v2, 3v3, or 5v5 on notorious basketball courts from Venice Beach, to popular rec ball centers, or to the infamous Rucker Park. Players should have that freedom to play at those infamous courts to develop their skills, rep, and gear. Putting a mode like that in the NBA 2k games to come will really take their multiplayer experience to the next level.