Next gen gaming been out since when? Like 5 years right?  You think that in 5 years Madden would bring back a game like NFL street back into our lives. Remember back in the day how popular the NFL Street series was for us? It was so dooooooooope, yes I spelled dope like that, but anyway, the NFL Street games were very fun to play. It gave us a break from the real football simulation games and just have fun doing illegal tackles and jumping off freaking walls.

Why does EA not think about bringing a game like that back to the market? It’s definitely room for it since Madden is the only football video game on the market right now, it would make so much sense to bring it back even if they don’t want to make it a series. It was just so fun when you had to create your player, give him a nickname, gear him up with street clothes, football gloves, jewelry, and etc. Then playing football in parking lots, backyards, and other rugged environments just give you a different feel than playing at a stadium all the time. Also the different game modes like money in the bank, they play elimination game, and going to a set score was just so awesome. EA needs to drop a game like this ASAP, give us a break from Madden…….. PLEASE.




For my Madden heads who play madden all day everyday, we all know the two game modes that dominate on Madden, and that is MUT and Draft Champions. Me personally, I enjoy Draft Champions better, I like the pressure of how wise you got to be when drafting players to fit your style of play rather than just getting a 90+ overall player at every position. I have ideas that I think will improve MUT and Draft Champions for the future Madden games.


For MUT, its a great mode within itself, I do like the grind for certain cards you want and you can always grab a steal in auction house to help your team out. I also love the season mode they have for MUT, its pressure on you every single game of the season. Losing early can cost you not to make the playoffs, and you can go undefeated and lose the first round of the playoffs, you got to love MUT season mode. Its only a few things I think will improve MUT. One is being more customization for your team, you can come up with your team name but that’s about it. It would be dope if you collect enough item cards and player cards that you can create your own jersey, logo, and stadium. Something similar to how MyTeam is on NBA 2k. With all the grinding for item cards, certain players, and all that, it would be the ultimate reward to fully customize your team.


Personally my favorite mode in Madden, Draft Champions test ability to draft smart so you can develop a well balanced team to compete. I also love the fact that I know I’m not going to be playing every game against a team with 99 overalls across the board.  Playing DC gives  that suspense of finding where is the weakness located on the opposing team. Now DC can use some improvements expand the mode. I would love to see a season mode for DC, similar to season mode for MUT. Also to put more pressure on us, I want DC to give us a choice to chose our own head coach, and let us have three choices to pick which offensive and defensive playbook we would want to use . That would be dope.






Hello good people, wanted to switch it up on this video. Instead of giving y’all feedback on the gameplay on my video, I wanted to give my thoughts and opinions on Tony Romo Retiring and is he a Hall of Fame quarterback. Let me know if you enjoyed the video and leave a comment on what you want to see on my future videos. STAY YOU. STAY DOPE.

Bring Team-Up Back to Madden


Sigh, remember on Madden 25 they had a 3v3 team up mode ? Yeahhhhhh, they need to bring that back asap. That was a great mode that gave a different way of playing online against others. I loved the idea that you could team up with your friends and go destroy other players online together. I really hope they bring that mode back for because team up is really an underrated mode on sports video games. Team up can be real fun to play and get REAL competitive as well.

If Madden does come back out with that mode and hopefully they do, I feel like to take things to the next level for Madden they should add a ranking system in 3v3 team up mode. The ranking system would track your stats and grade how you play at each offensive and defensive position. They should also do pick up games where you play with random people and also ranked games where you can come solo or with your friends and each rank game will calculate your wins or loses, stats, and teammate grades. What will really be dope is if you can do a 3v3 online franchise mode. Imagine you and your two friends picked a specific NFL team and you had to play the teams on your schedule that has 3 online players playing with them, you would go through a whole season, play and win through the playoffs and peep this, you and your friends would play three other players for a Super Bowl. Sounds dope right ? Yeah, I’ll leave you with that thought.