Bring Team-Up Back to Madden


Sigh, remember on Madden 25 they had a 3v3 team up mode ? Yeahhhhhh, they need to bring that back asap. That was a great mode that gave a different way of playing online against others. I loved the idea that you could team up with your friends and go destroy other players online together. I really hope they bring that mode back for because team up is really an underrated mode on sports video games. Team up can be real fun to play and get REAL competitive as well.

If Madden does come back out with that mode and hopefully they do, I feel like to take things to the next level for Madden they should add a ranking system in 3v3 team up mode. The ranking system would track your stats and grade how you play at each offensive and defensive position. They should also do pick up games where you play with random people and also ranked games where you can come solo or with your friends and each rank game will calculate your wins or loses, stats, and teammate grades. What will really be dope is if you can do a 3v3 online franchise mode. Imagine you and your two friends picked a specific NFL team and you had to play the teams on your schedule that has 3 online players playing with them, you would go through a whole season, play and win through the playoffs and peep this, you and your friends would play three other players for a Super Bowl. Sounds dope right ? Yeah, I’ll leave you with that thought.


Author: AfroVegeta

I'm dope and I say what I want. Nuff said

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