imageYes I know kill is a strong word, but that should let you know how deep my frustration is with MyPark. From the messy inconsistent servers, to the annoying players playing with mascots, to the epic fail of MyPark after dark, and to the cheesy players you MyPark cards, MyPark is a mode I feel that 2k should do away with.

Personally, I feel that they should enhance their Pro Am mode. They should keep the scrimmage aspect and how you can create a Pro Am team and play against other Pro Am teams, but give another side to Pro Am. They should do like a Pro Am circuit or like a Pro Am street mode where you can take your player and can play 1v1, 2v2, 3v3, or 5v5 on notorious basketball courts from Venice Beach, to popular rec ball centers, or to the infamous Rucker Park. Players should have that freedom to play at those infamous courts to develop their skills, rep, and gear. Putting a mode like that in the NBA 2k games to come will really take their multiplayer experience to the next level.


Author: AfroVegeta

I'm dope and I say what I want. Nuff said

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