Make Madden Great Again…… Please


What year was Madden a really great football game to play ? Don’t worry, I’ll wait. Well for me, Madden 07 was a great game to play in my opinion. The franchise mode was cool, but I know I speak for all Madden heads when I say that the Superstar mode was so beast. It was the #1 reason I got madden, but what happened to it ? Why did EA take the greatest mode Madden had to offer ? It’s funny because as far as a sports game that has a career mode (FIFA, nhl, mlb, and 2K), these sports games are thriving to make the experience of creating your player and going through a journey of what it’s like to be a certain type of sports player. So why did Madden completely ditch the Superstar mode, and why it hasn’t been brought back yet ?

There is no other competition out there as far as another NFL video game and EA had to buy out the rights from 2K after NFL 2K5 dropped, which by the way , the best football game period and it was only $20. So with EA switching to this FROSTBITE engine, please bring back Superstar mode. 


Over the recent years of Madden’s franchise mode, oh excuse me , connected franchise, I feel like they have made little improvement for the mode but nothing major so it can stand out. I remember when Madden had preseason position battles, when you could name the captains of your team, or when you had to hire a head coach, offensive coordinator, defensive coordinator, and even a special teams coordinator. Shoot, even when NCAA was out and you had the option to import the draft class into Madden’s draft. 

Those little aspects of the older years of Madden is what really made the franchise mode dope. Connected franchise has made steps forward, but I feel like the mode is still very dull and does not have longevity. Madden needs to take notes from 2k as far as franchise mode. 2k’s MyGm mode is a very good mode and they are very detailed and in depth about the awkward of a season in the NBA. From owner goals, to managing operations cost, to having your players talk to you about playing time, losing, winning, etc.  You will never be bored of playing that mode.

Now what if they put some of those features in Madden ? Imagine Madden had a GM mode where you have owner goals to meet, team staff and player morale to manage, and actually hiring a head coach, assistance coach, offensive and defensive coordinator and etc. That would be exciting right ? Madden needs to implement those type of things to bring some flavor in franchise mode. Make the mode exciting and dramatic, have position battles, have players come to you about issues, even have the staff come to you about things. Have owners with different personalities that mesh with the goals they set out for you to accomplish. Let’s bring back letting us choose our team captains and having player morale to bring some excitement in franchise mode. What will definitely put some flavor in franchise mode, that 2k does by the way, is making a custom draft class for every year. It will be so dope to create a player or two or even boosts the attributes of the players of a already custom draft class to really have some studs come out in the future seasons. 

These small things can make a BIG DIFFERENCE in franchise mode. So please EA, make Madden great again. 


Author: AfroVegeta

I'm dope and I say what I want. Nuff said

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