4 Tips to Succed in Last Stand 

What’s up my fellow Division agents ? As we all know the 1.6 patch and the Last Stand released Feburary 28th and personally, I feel like this update and Last Stand really put some breath back into The Division that it desperately needed. The division needed a dedicated pvp mode and a Last Stand delivers that…… Thank God. Speaking of Last Stand, I’m going to give you 4 tips I think you should know to be a beast in Last Stand.


Having a squad is very important while playing Last Stand. Having a squad is effective when it comes to communication and assuring that each player has a role to carry out so the team can be successful.

Yes, Last Stand is our getaway to own other players in pvp, but you can not get caught up in pvp and neglect the pve aspect of the game mode. Let’s be clear, killing NPC’s are just as important as killing the other team. I’ve lead my team in scoring plenty of times with only having 4 player kills, sometimes even less. Killing NPC’s help with SHD Tech that gets you tactical boosts to get more points for your team.


So you came with a squad right ?  So what’s a squad without a plan ? Sounds like a loss to me. A plan is the thing that is going to seperate your team from winning or losing. Now you are playing on the team of you and 7 other players and 9 times out of 10, half the players on your team are heading to capture B. So if everyone is heading to capture B, who is killing NPC’s ? That’s where a good gameplan comes in. What works for me and my team is after we capture home base, me and a squad member will go to a landmark to pve and loot up on SHD Tech, and the other two squad players will go to capture B. Have your team split up the work between pvp, pve, and capturing the objectives.


After playing Last Stand since the day it dropped, I noticed two key points when it comes to out scoring the opposing team. One, is starting out strong by capturing home base fast and capturing B fast to build up your lead. Two, is capturing those tatical boosts. The point multiplier and the points for kill are very effective. The points multiplier doubles your points and points for kill grants you points when you kill a player or NPC’s. So it’s important to capture one or both of those boosts to build your lead and dominate the other team.

I hope these tips work for you agents so y’all can become a beast in Last Stand. Squad out.


Author: AfroVegeta

I'm dope and I say what I want. Nuff said

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